Students gain access to Workday March 4

CATEGORIES: Announcements

The transition from AccessPlus to Workday for students continues. The Workday team held course registration simulations, and continue to make modifications based on feedback. Here are a few basic items that students, faculty and staff should know:

  • Students will get access to Workday on March 4th, and the Workday tile will appear on their Okta sign-in dashboard. They can also download Workday mobile.
  • Students will register for fall classes in Workday.
  • Students will need to complete a quick tutorial before registering, so logging into Workday before it’s time to register for classes is key.
  • Students can put together a tentative schedule (called safe schedule) in Workday, before registering for classes.
  • Students, faculty, and staff are receiving newsletters, customized to the audience, about changes, training, etc.

Students have been receiving email notifications about Workday, and the campus community is encouraged to help spread the word to students via posters or video display images. Following is the schedule of regularly sent newsletters, by audience:

WorkCyte Digest newsletter
Faculty and staff
Second Wednesday of the month. Special editions scheduled for Feb. 28 and March 27.
ISU Workday Forecast newsletter
Faculty and staff
Twice a month on Tuesdays
ISU Workday Forecast newsletter
Twice a month on Tuesdays
Advisor email series
Advisors and faculty with advising roles
Every Thursday
WorkCyte Department Chairs newsletter
Department chairs
Every other Thursday
You can watch a tour of Workday for students here.
You can see an overview of how registration will work in Workday here.
For a full suite of Workday resources, including a robust help section, visit the Workday website.