2023 Peace and Justice Studies Association annual conference to be held at ISU – call for papers

CATEGORIES: Announcements

From September 15-17, the ISU History Department and the Sustainable Peace Faculty Learning Community are hosting the 2023 Peace and Justice Studies Association annual conference. They are currently accepting proposals for papers at:  https://www.peacejusticestudies.org/conference/2023-submit-your-proposal/.

Faculty, students, and staff are invited to propose papers that engage with questions of peace in the following ways:

  • Conceptualizing positive peace
  • Interrogating late modern consumer capitalism and current models of economic growth
  • Considering sustainability and the right use of resources
  • Respecting the rights of all sentient beings and deconstructing hierarchies of human value
  • Truth telling, deep listening, justice, and healing
  • Building positive peace for LGBTQ+, ethnic and racial underrepresented populations, and other communities marginalized by mainstream culture
  • Rethinking/deconstructing “the enemy” and “welcoming the stranger”
  • Embracing the roles and contributions of specific disciplines to the study and practice of positive peace and social justice
  • Preserving and furthering the rights of women and women peacebuilders
  • Promoting spirituality, wonder, and awe in peace-filled contexts
  • Creating and curating peace-filled narratives, storytelling, myths, folklore, poems, ballads
  • Connecting peacebuilding with non-traditional peace studies disciplines, including but not limited to food and nutrition, health, agriculture, education, business, music, engineering, architecture, fashion, environmental science, history, and library science

Submissions may include a range of formats:

  • Individually submitted papers (to be organized into panels by the conference committee)
  • Panels (3-4 individual papers or presenters linked thematically)
  • Films, creative works, art presentations
  • Roundtable discussions (interactive, facilitated discussion led by presenter(s))
  • Teaching and/or skill-building interactive workshops

The PJSA conference creates a welcoming community designed to facilitate the sharing of work and ideas across disciplines and vocations.