Upcoming Workday Student launch information

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Workday Student will launch in phases during the next two years. The project is currently three months away from go-live #1, which will occur in June 2023. The June 2023 go-live will primarily focus on recruiting and admissions business processes for the entering class of Fall 2024. It will also include financial aid business processes for recruiting awards and scholarships for new applicants. Additional go-lives will occur from October 2023 – November 2024.

The implementation of Workday Student will provide the opportunity for students to meet their academic goals while maintaining Federal Student Aid eligibility. Workday Student provides enhanced functionality in determining students’ financial aid eligibility based upon enrollment in coursework required for their degree. Learn more about the Program of Study Completion Policy.

Learning Opportunities
Training for the June 2023 launch will occur from April through June 2023. Before formal training begins, pre-learning opportunities are available. You can:


The WorkCyte Phase II project team continues to host monthly readiness workshops to prepare Iowa State employees for the Workday Student implementation. These workshops are open to the campus community. At these workshops, you will receive a high-level overview of a specific Workday Student and Receivables topic along with demonstrations of the software. View past workshops.