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Download the Iowa State Safe App

Author: Troy Rutter

Iowa State Safe offers easy access to campus safety tools all in one convenient app. There are five key features that students, faculty and staff can use when walking on campus or to request a safe ride.

  • Mobile BlueLight: This one-touch button sends a silent alarm to ISU Police dispatch if you feel unsafe.
  • Friend walk: Send a text to friend who can monitor your progress through Google Maps as you walk across campus.
  • Virtual walkhome: Similar to friend walk, an ISU Police dispatchers is standing by to monitor your walk 24-7.
  • SafeRide: Request a SafeRide pickup on campus from 6 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. daily. The new app provides a more accurate location for your driver.
  • Safety toolbox: Chat with ISU police, activate a flashlight or share your location with friends.

Students provided feedback and input on the app design and features. Iowa State Safe also connects users to a variety of campus resources. Members of the campus community, including visitors, can download the app for free through Apple App or Google Play stores.