Department of English sunsets speech communication major

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Last semester, the Department of English began a process to sunset the speech communication major. A combination of declining enrollment in the major and the availability of comparable majors at Iowa State drove the decision, as the department moves through a student-centered reimagining process. The change allows the department to refocus resources to strengthen other majors that are in higher demand.  

All students who are currently pursuing a major or minor in speech communication were notified about the change.  

The Department of English is working with current speech communication majors to assist them with successfully meeting their graduation requirements. Samantha Robinson-Adams, advisor for the speech communication major, will help current students find acceptable substitutions if they encounter a course in their degree plan that is no longer available. Several LAS courses could serve as substitutions, including English, communication studies, technical communications, journalism and mass communication, and public relations.  

Students can still pursue a minor in speech communication, and while some courses will be discontinued, a variety of courses will remain. The remaining classes benefit students from all majors, with important skills and knowledge that will enhance their academic journeys and careers.   

The change will not be final until the Iowa Board of Regents votes on the matter later this year. Moving forward, the university will not enroll new speech communication majors. Over the next several weeks, LAS staff will assist prospective speech communication students with finding a comparable degree.  

Faculty who teach discontinued speech communication courses and staff who work with speech communication majors will remain in the department, either delivering other speech communication courses or redirecting their time to other areas.   

Students with questions about the change should contact Samantha Robinson-Adams with questions:, 515-294-5206, Ross Hall 307.