Please inform students about September career fairs

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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences partners with the Colleges of Business and Human Sciences to host career fairs each fall and spring semester

This fall, LAS will co-host two large career fairs:

  • Business, Industry and Technology Career Fair: Wednesday, September 21st from 12-5 pm in Hilton Coliseum.
  • People to People Career Fair (government, non-profit, health/wellness employers): Friday, September 30th from 10 am-3 pm in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union.
  • -In addition to employers, professional schools in the fields of law and healthcare will also be present at the People to People Career Fair.
    -Nearly 250 registered employers can be viewed in CyHire, including many companies that have employed LAS students.
    -All upcoming ISU career fairs are listed on the ISU career services website. These fairs are open to students of any major, as well as to the public.

    Your support is needed to make these successful and equitable events for students.

    Career fairs are a unique opportunity for students to make direct connections with individuals who make decisions about hiring for internships and post-graduation employment opportunities. Data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reveals that student internship completion is more influential to hiring employers than major and GPA.

    Ways to support LAS students in preparing, attending, and seeing themselves at career fair recruitment events:

    • Attend the career fair in your role as an administrator, faculty, advisor, etc. Talk to organizations present to make connections and ask questions about internships, hiring practices, or other topics that relate to your role with students.
    • Encourage or require students to attend. While attendance is recorded at student check-in, request that students reflect on their experience and conversations to demonstrate their learning and development.
    • Consider career services work as equity work. Eliminate barriers for students to engage with campus recruitment events. For example, consider working with students who need to be absent to attend a career fair, instead of requiring them to use a designated absence for a course.
    • Questions?

      Please feel free to email Leslie Ginder, LAS Employer Relations Coordinator