Chatbot, personalization and navigation improvements go live in Workday Jan. 10

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Personalized features, chatbot and navigation improvements–are just a few of the Workday changes that will be available on January 10 when the Workday team unveils Workday Today, the new homepage.

With this upgrade, your Workday homepage will be personalized to meet your needs. On the new homepage, key tasks, applications, and work recommendations surface to visible sections and highlight your most urgent tasks.

Helpful improvements

Workday is changing the location of the global access menu, moving from the upper-right to the upper-left side of the screen. Using the global access menu on the upper-left side of the screen opens a list of all applications and shortcuts. For a more personalized Workday experience, applications and shortcuts can be configured from the global navigation menu.

Let’s chat

A chatbot feature, Workday Assistant, will be accessible from any page in Workday. Workday Assistant empowers self-service for personal personnel requests. In January, you can ask Workday Assistant for your W2 and be taken directly to your W2. While the Workday Assistant does a wonderful job helping you quickly connect to common Workday tasks and information, please be aware that the Workday Assistant does have limitations. The Workday Assistant is here to help you find your personal personnel information. Workday Assistant cannot run dashboards and detailed reports created for specific ISU departments. You can always type in “help,” and you will find a link to the ISU Service Portal so you can quickly get the help you need.

Enchanced search results

Currently, the Workday search function provides helpful search categories to filter results. Enhancements are coming to Workday’s search function to help produce more efficient and accurate search results. On the search results page, the left menu has been reduced to a more condensed list that is customizable. Badges have been added to identify the number of returns for each search category.

Contact us

If you have questions or concerns about your Workday landing page changes, including the new Global Navigation Menu, please drop in during our January virtual help center hours. The help center will be hosted in a WebEx personal room by the WorkCyte change management team members. Look for a forthcoming announcement in Workday with more details on how to join. Or please feel free to email us here.


New Workday Today homepage

Configure applications and shortcuts

Workday’s search function improvements

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