Apply to be a WorkCyte change liaison for your unit

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Faculty and staff who are interested in volunteering for a crucial role in the implementation of the Workday platform are encouraged to apply online.

The deadline to apply is November 5. The role will allow volunteers to represent their colelge, department of unit on the WorkCyte change liaison network.

What is a change liaison?

Change liaisons will serve in a two-way communication role by sharing and receiving information about the Workday Student and Receivables implementation. They will also introduce colleagues to new terminology and processes while providing feedback to project leaders and shaping training plans.

Change liaison network meetings will take about 2-4 hours per month. In early November, the WorkCyte change management team will share details regarding a kickoff meeting planned for Nov. 30. Liaisons should have experience with existing systems and support the modernizing efforts of the WorkCyte program.

See the change liaison web page or more information email WorkCyte feedback.