Connect students with the LAS I+E Academy

CATEGORIES: Announcements

Dear Faculty and Staff,

You likely have heard that the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will be home to a new academy that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship. I am inviting you to be a part of connecting students with this opportunity.

Here’s a “one-liner” about the academy: The LAS Innovation + Entrepreneurship Academy helps students develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset through hands-on experiences and mentorship so that their ideas change the world.

It is a busy time in the semester, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could do two things to connect students with the LAS I+E Academy. Thank you for considering the following:

  1. Please send Rebecca Runyon the names of 3 (or more!) students who you believe would enjoy and benefit from the academy. (The students don’t need to have a concrete, world-changing idea when they enter the academy, but they will certainly leave with one!) Rebecca will contact them and extend an invitation with more information.
  2. Please share the video and flyer via Canvas (or any other appropriate means) to broadly inform any LAS students about this opportunity.

More details are included in the flyer. Contact Rebecca Runyon ( with questions.

With my best wishes,