Graduate position available at the Writing and Media Center

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Writing and Media Center graduate communication consultant

About the Writing and Media Center
As a high-volume academic support unit housed within the Dean of Students Office, the Writing and Media Center (WMC) helps students identify and achieve their learning objectives and become stronger, more confident communicators. The WMC offers individualized assistance to undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, faculty, and community members across the disciplines working on any form of written, oral, visual, or electronic (WOVE) communication. The WMC helps students at all stages of the composition process, from brainstorming and organizing ideas to revising and polishing drafts. The WMC does not offer editing or proofreading services. Instead, Communication Consultants help students evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their own work.

Position Description
The primary role of a Graduate Communication Consultant is to engage writers in reflective conversations about their work. Consultants are not expected to provide editing services; rather, we believe the most effective and skilled practice is in asking questions that help writers see their work in new ways that aid in making revisions. The primary responsibility for GCCs is consulting. Consulting sessions begin on the hour or half-hour. A more complete list of duties
● Deliver workshops and presentations
● Update workshops as needed
● Observe CC sessions and provide feedback
● Assist in orientation and outreach events

Optional opportunities include:
● Assist in WMC initiatives and programs
● Research and professional development opportunities

Dates of Employment:
● August 9, 2021-May 13, 2022*
● Fall Semester August 9, 2021 – December 17, 2021*
● Spring Semester January 10, 2021 – May 13, 2021*
*These dates are tentative and subject to change based on final academic calendar

GCC Employment Outside of Academic Semester
GCCs are employed on a fiscal year basis (rather than on the academic calendar); therefore, they are required to work before and after a semester ends. There are two options for GCCs to choose when completing this work obligation:

OPTION 1: During the following 4 weeks, GCCs will assist WMC administrators in special projects and other duties.
● Begin 2 weeks before the start of the Fall semester
● Work up to 1 week after the Fall semester
● Begin 1 week before the start of the Spring semester

OPTION 2: GCCs who elect the following option are not expected to work before or after the Fall semester or before the Spring semester (GCCs who elect this option must still attend one day of Fall orientation and Spring training)
● Provide consulting hours during the Winter semester
○ 10 hours per week for the 4 week Winter Session.

● Hours are flexible and can be scheduled around classes.
● Hours are variably available Sunday 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, and Friday 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

New GCC Commitments
● Complete 10 hours of work each week, including the following:
○ Consult (primary responsibility)
○ Attend 3 required staff meetings per semester.
○ Attend 2 required pedagogical training sessions per semester.
○ Attend a Spring 2021 introduction to the WMC meeting.
○ Attend two days of Fall 2021 Orientation.
○ Enroll and participate in ENGL590, a one-credit peer tutor training course.
○ Complete WMC onboarding.

Returning GCC Commitments
● Complete 10 hours of work per week, including the following:.
o Consult (primary responsibility)
o Attend 3 required staff meetings per semester.
o Attend 2 required pedagogical training sessions per semester
o Attend one day of Fall WMC Orientation.
* All hours will be compensated

● ¼ time assistantship, fiscal year 2021-2022
o $9,450

Application Steps
1. Applicants are required to work with a Communication Consultant at the Writing and Media Center on their application materials before submitting them.
a. The purpose of the required appointment is for you to understand how our services work and to make sure that your materials demonstrate your most applicable experience to writing center work. Our consultants will help you maximize your cover letters and resumes, so the hiring team can understand your qualifications as clearly as possible.
b. Appointments can be made online at
2. Please be prepared to complete the following items:
a. Application Information
b. Resume/CV
c. Cover Letter
d. Writing Sample
3. Submit Application here

Dr. Joseph Cheatle
Director, Writing and Media Center
Office: Carver 208
Phone: (515) 294-7430

Disclaimer: If the academic schedule changes, or unforeseen circumstances arise, the GCC must complete the same amount of hours (340 = 34 weeks x 10 hours per week) at the discretion of the Director.