Greetings and resources from LAS faculty–a message from Javier Vela

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Dear Colleague,

I hope this email finds you well.

I am a member of the chemistry department and the Equity Advisor for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS). In the latter role, I work with Iowa State University’s ADVANCE program.

Led by the Assistant Provost for Faculty Development, Prof. Tera Jordan, ISU ADVANCE works with university leaders, Equity Advisors in each college, and Department Enhancement Program facilitators to promote and institutionalize positive change, resulting in the full participation of diverse faculty.

Equity Advisors (EAs) promote best practices in recruiting, retaining, and promoting high-quality diverse faculty and develop solutions to campus challenges. All EAs are tenured faculty who report to our Dean and their cabinet. We work with diversity committees, department chairs, and faculty in each college to implement best practices for faculty searches, and to transform policies and practices that help faculty in moving through the ranks
and being successful.

This past Spring and Summer, EAs have been working hard in updating and standardizing our Faculty Search and Promotion and Training courses. We have also put together career development programming for the year, including a two-part workshop on advancing from associate professor to full professor (on Monday, October 19, and Wednesday, November 4, 2020), and a workshop for department chairs on improving department culture (on January 27, 2021). You
can find out more about who we are and upcoming events here:

For additional resources, including ‘Work-Life Resources’, ‘What to Do When Life Happens’, and additional materials, please visit the following page.