ISU’s Writing and Media Center is here to serve your students!

CATEGORIES: Announcements

The people at ISU’s Writing and Media Center want to make sure your students are informed of their free services. Several students with experience related to the disciplines in your college work as Writing and Media Center communication consultants and are available to help their peers with a wide variety of communication needs.

While all of our consultants are available to help your students (both undergraduate and graduate!) with their written, oral, visual, and electronic communication skills, students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences can also make appointments specifically with the consultants listed below.

Find out more information at our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. And feel free to share this information with students in your college and to refer students to the WMC services. We are here for them!

Allison Justus (Creative Writing, English/Speech instructor)
Amanda Arp (Rhetoric and Professional Communication, English/Speech instructor)
Jericho Baker (English Education)
Vivian M Cook (Creative Writing)
Emily Dux Speltz (Applied Linguistics and Technology, English instructor)
Brittany Eide (Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication)
Jason Guderjahn (Linguistics, Technical Communication)
Kaitlyn Heims (English)
Haeun Kim (Applied Linguistics and Technology, English instructor)
Lena Menefee-Cook (Creative Writing)
Izzy Nanke (English, Technical Communication, Creative Writing)
Emily Neitzel (English)
Walker Ochs (Improvisational/spontaneous speaking)
Colin Payton (Rhetoric and Professional Communication, English/Speech instructor)
Ashley Rolf (English, Technical Communication)
Jordan Schroeder (Teaching English as a Second Language)
Grace Shultis (Linguistics, Technical Communication)
Haley Spengler (Linguistics)
Kennedy Varisco (English Education, Creative Writing)
Jensen Wilke (Speech Communication)

Environmental Studies
Abby Mankins
Walker Ochs

Journalism and Mass Communication
Julia Benda
Nick Flores
Jill Olson
Kennedy Varisco

Performing Arts
Vivian M Cook
Lena Menefee-Cook
Jensen Wilke

Political Science
Abby Mankins
Daniel Hayes

Charlie Esker
Jack Ihry

Public Relations
Ashley Rolf

Women’s and Gender Studies
Amanda Arp
Ashley Rolf

World Languages and Cultures
*not necessarily language proficient
Nick Flores (U.S. Latino/a Studies)
Vivian M Cook (French)
Lena Menefee-Cook (International Studies)
Emily Neitzel (Spanish)
Walker Ochs (Spanish)
Jill Olson (Spanish)
Grace Shultis (Chinese Studies)
Haley Spengler (Spanish)
Kennedy Varisco (Spanish)
Jensen Wilke (Spanish)