Amazon purchases should now utilize CyBUY

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All faculty and staff should now be using Amazon Business through cyBUY and should no longer be using your P-Card, or personal credit cards, to make purchases for Iowa State University at

What are the benefits of using Amazon through cyBUY?

  • It allows us to automatically make the items sold by, LLC, and participating 3rd party sellers tax exempt (saving your department or unit money),
  • provides you with free 2-Day shipping on prime eligible items,
  • access to millions of additional products that are only available to business customers,
  • provides you with business-specific pricing (including quantity discounts on eligible items),
  • access to a specialized Amazon Business Customer Service Team.

You can register for a training class on how to buy through CyBUY at

Once you sign in, sessions will be listed under Procurement Services and Amazon Business Training.