University Museums invites you to submit proposals for the reACT Exhibition Series

CATEGORIES: Announcements

The reACT Exhibition Series is a program that allows faculty and professional and scientific staff to propose an exhibition on a topic that they believe would benefit an open and safe dialogue, facilitated by the visual arts. This opportunity allows participants to act as guest curator for that exhibition.

University Museums is seeking applications for the 2020-2021 school year for the reACT Exhibition Series. Any ISU faculty and P&S staff can submit a proposal.

The deadline for proposal submissions is May 1. Please submit your proposals here.

The reACT program gives the opportunity for relevant ideas and current events to be discussed through the lens of art, and more precisely the art of the University Museums’ permanent collection, a collection that belongs to every individual in the Iowa State community. This exhibition series invites engagement and makes space for a multiplicity of voices, in the interpretations, the works of art and the reactions.

Examining art closely and critically can be a powerful way to engage creative thought and critical thinking skills. reACT exhibitions allow faculty and staff the opportunity to immerse themselves in this practice and share it with the wider Iowa State and Ames community. It is at times like these when programs like the reACT exhibition series can truly be impactful. I invite you during this challenging time to think about the future. The reACT exhibition proposal allows you to let the ISU community know what discussions you want to have when we emerge from this pandemic and what works of art can express those questions and provoke new ideas and conversations.

I hope you will consider submitting a proposal for consideration. More information about the reACT exhibition program and applications to be a guest curator can be found here.