Encourage students to protect their ISU data by enabling Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

CATEGORIES: Announcements

Information Technology Services is launching a communications campaign that encourages students to activate Multifactor Authentication (MFA), the two-step login system that better protects their ISU accounts. Starting March 25, MFA will be required for all students; those who have not activated beginning on that date will be unable to log in to their ISU accounts without first activating MFA. To decrease the number of students inconvenienced along with the impact on the IT Solution Center from related service calls, we are requesting that students activate their MFA before it becomes a requirement.

The ITS Strategic Communications team has created a communications campaign for campus communicators to share with students to help us amplify our message encouraging early MFA activation.

For step-by step instructions to enable MFA, visit www.it.iastate.edu/mfa.

You are welcome to use this content as often and as broadly as you like. Please contact me or my colleagues, Tonya (Tienter) Bishop tonyab@iastate.edu and Tyler McKnight tylerjay@iastate.edu if you have any questions.

Thank you for your help in encouraging students to proactively protect their ISU data!