Updated faculty absence policy provides clarity and transparency

CATEGORIES: Announcements

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences implemented a new “absence from campus” policy on January 13, 2020, to provide clarity and consistency to faculty travel and other absence procedures. Specifically, the new policy provides straightforward approval guidance for a variety of appointments and situations.

The updated policy will provide faculty members with a clear confirmation of absence approval, avoiding uncertainty regarding professional value and university-sponsored support such as insurance or reimbursable expenses. Additionally, the consistent practice will ensure classes are sufficiently covered and faculty service obligations are met, in the event of an absence.

“We are pleased to provide a policy that will help clear up any confusion or uncertainty in regards to faculty absences,” said Arne Hallam, associate dean in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. “With consistent expectations, we can avoid uncertainties like emergency insurance coverage during an absence or incompatible professional opportunities.”

Faculty are encouraged to review the LAS Absence from Campus Policy, found on the LAS internal website, in the links and resources section: https://my.las.iastate.edu/resources/, under miscellaneous policies.

Questions regarding travel or absences should be directed to the dean or the associate dean with responsibilities for personnel (Arne Hallam).