Support offered for faculty to assist not canceling a class

CATEGORIES: Announcements

Faculty expecting to miss one or more of your class periods this semester due a professional or personal reason are encouraged instead to contact the Student Loan Education Office to schedule a presentation.

Several ISU offices have joined together to implement the “Don’t Cancel that Class” initiative. Together they offer over 30 presentation options including everything from how to create a budget to how to build a resume, career exploration, healthy eating habits and more. This initiative serves as a centralized place for you to request a presentation to be presented in your absence. For additional information and to request a presentation please view their website:

Although this initiative was designed to fill-in while you are absent, if you won’t be absent from class but would still like to use this centralized request form, please do.

Please note that presentations are not guaranteed but are based on the availability of the presenters and most require 2 weeks advance notice. A confirmation email will be sent to you 2-3 business days after you submit your request.