Workday tips, tricks and updates

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We’re in the middle of it – Workday is live, and teams at the university and college level are working incredibly hard identifying issues, providing solutions and helping everyone in the college manage this colossal change. As issues are identified, The WorkCyte team is developing job aids, which are quick reference guides for using Workday.

Top issues identified, hot questions and how to address them are also continuously updated on the WorkCyte home page. This is a great page to scan before or when you have a question! Following is a question we’re hearing frequently in the college:

Looking for worktags that replaced account numbers you used prior to Workday? Your best resource is your cost center manager, and you can find your unit’s cost center manager using the new People Finder, designed specifically to help people find individuals with roles affected by ISD and Workday.

But here’s a quick way to find those replacement worktags: Type “ISU worktag mapping” into your Workday searchbar, type your old account number (without the dashes) in the “external code” field, click on “ok” and the corresponding worktags will appear in a table format.

There’s also a collection of job aids related to work tags in the Workday General/Foundation Data Model section:

  • Worktags Quick Reference Guide
  • Find My Driver Worktags Quick Reference Guide,
  • Request New Worktag Quick Reference Guide
  • Department Detail Quick Reference Guide
  • Legacy Account to Worktag Translation.

New details on P-cards and procurement

If you currently have a P-card and/or use CyBuy to make purchases, please continue to do so. If departmental administrative staff purchased things for you such as airline tickets, supplies, food, and so on in the past, they should continue to do so. The primary responsibilities of ISD-Procurement/Expense Specialists (PES) are

  • purchases requiring a requisition
  • processing and monitoring of P-card transactions
  • processing of other expenses including those from Travel and Hospitality Cards and those paid for directly by an employee.

Faculty and staff may create their own expense reports or ask a PES to create them. Departmental staff may also submit information to a PES to create an expense report, but the PES is the only alternate staff member who can create an expense report for another individual. Going forward all hospitality expenses will need to be charged to Travel and Hospitality cards, not P-cards. If you need a Travel and Hospitality card, contact your PES or cost center manager and they can order one for you.

Faculty titles

Recently promoted faculty’s new titles are not currently reflected in Workday, but will show as the correct title in mid-August

User labs still available for one-on-one support

No registration required – labs are in 032 Parks Library! New hours through the end of July:

  • Monday: noon to 3 p.m.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: 9am to 3 p.m.
  • Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to noon.

Who to contact

LAS launched two online initiatives on July 1. MyLAS ( is the college’s new intranet. Content previously found under the “Faculty and Staff” tab of can now be found on the intranet. The new site also hosts People Finder, a new directory of individuals in roles affected by ISD and Workday. The People Finder does not contain all LAS staff; just those identified by specific ISD and Workday roles.