Assistant Professor Jacqueline Reber earns CAREER award from the National Science Foundation

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Jacqueline Reber, assistant professor of geology and atmospheric sciences, has earned a 2019 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The CAREER award is the NSF’s most prestigious honor, supporting faculty members in the early stages of their career, who also serve as exemplary teacher-scholars.

The $589,892 will fund Reber’s project, “Combining physical and numerical modes to characterize the contribution of semi-brittle rheology to deformation dynamics and strain transients,” until 2024.

The award will support Reber’s basic research, which explores viscous and brittle deformations and how they impact earthquake behaviors. In addition, the funds will back the development of teaching materials for a new science communications class that will be offered in the fall of 2020, in collaboration with the Greenlee School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the College of Design.

The five-year award is co-funded by two NSF programs: Geophysics and also the Prediction of and Resilience against Extreme Events (PREEVENTS).