WorkCyte: Transition team, workshops and support

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Thank you testers!

Workday teams and many of your peers have been busy training and pilot testing Workday features and courses. In fact, more than half of all the individuals performing testing are LAS faculty and staff. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far – your feedback (positive and corrective) is making training, and in fact the whole transition to Workday, better for everyone.

If you receive an invitation to test or attend a training or workshop, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. Doing so helps you become better prepared for the switch to Workday and your feedback will benefit every user on campus.

There are still a few workshops available to attend in-person, which will give you a preview of Workday features in managing timekeeping, grants management, performance management, procurement, student employees, and expense reporting. You can register for the workshops or view recordings of past workshops. For more information visit the events page on the WorkCyte website.

ISD employee transitions and LAS Transition Team

This month, employees who will transition into new ISD positions began their extensive training requirements. We understand the disruption this can cause with workloads and tasks that have to be taken care of. Thank you to everyone who is helping maintain operations and to those employees balancing both roles! We encourage you to support staff who are managing their workload while also attending training for their new position.

The LAS Transition Team continues to meet with staff affected by ISD, and will meet with all LAS department chairs to discuss the coverage of operations and implementation plans for each unit.

As a reminder, your LAS Transition Team is:

  • Arne Hallam – co-chair
  • Stacy Kilstofte – co-chair
  • Venita Currie – finance representative
  • Mallory Hamilton – human resources representative
  • Kristin Doerder – finance representative
  • Christine Watson – human resources representative
  • Katie Thorson – finance representative
  • Courtney Witte – department representative
  • Shannon Barr – department/center representative
  • Simon Cordery – department chair representative
  • Betsy Happe – communication, logistics, and data

Questions about the transition team can be sent to: