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Improved Service Delivery

IMPORTANT REMINDER: The deadline for submitting an interest survey for Improved Service Delivery (ISD) finance and human resources positions is 5:00 p.m. on January 18, 2019. If you received an invitation to fill out the survey (the survey was sent to all P&S and Merit staff), please fill it out with “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.” To be considered for a position, you must indicate “yes” or “maybe” on the survey. However, these responses do not commit you to accept a position, nor does it guarantee that you will be offered a position.

If you did not receive an invitation to fill out the survey, but are interested in any of the positions, you can email:

If you missed the job showcase, you can view materials on the ISD website and video recordings of the presentations from the showcase:
Finance Service Team Culture
Finance Specialist role
Procurement and Expense Specialist role
Grants Finance Specialist role
Staff Recruiting Specialist role
HR Partner role
HR Coordinator role

The university is also creating transition teams, which will provide local support for staff and units through the role transitions.

The next steps in ISD are conducting meetings with employees who are interested in ISD positions and implementing transition team activities. A bookmark with an ISD timeline was distributed at the job showcase.


Several workshops were added to the schedule, for those who would like a preview of what Workday will look like. A listing with full descriptions of sessions and additional detail is available on the WorkCyte website.

Jan. 16: WorkCyte Workshop: Job Change
Intended Audience: This workshop is intended for HR Support, Managers, and Fiscal and Finance Staff Members engaged in current AA EPA actions

Jan. 17: WorkCyte Workshop: Onboarding
Intended Audience: This course is open to all ISU Faculty and Staff

Jan. 22: WorkCyte Workshops: Employee Self Service
Intended Audience: All ISU Faculty and Staff are encouraged to attend

Jan. 22: WorkCyte Workshop: Managing Student Employees in Workday
Intended Audience: This course is open to all ISU Faculty and Staff, however, we strongly encourage anyone who employs students on campus to attend

Jan. 30: WorkCyte Workshop: Foundation Data Model (FDM) and Worktags
Intended Audience: This course is open to all ISU Faculty and Staff

Jan. 30: WorkCyte Workshop: Time Tracking for Managers and Timekeepers with Nonexempt Employees
Intended Audience: Managers and timekeepers with nonexempt employees

Resources for you

Workday and ISD bring immense change, and the stress that accompanies change is something you do not have to take on all by yourself. Take advantage of Iowa State’s Employee Assistance Program, the Iowa State WellBeing website, and reach out to your people resources.