Next steps in the Improved Service Delivery (ISD) process

CATEGORIES: Announcements

After the November release of draft job profiles, work continues on finalizing the new roles and estimating the needs for each position.

The ISD process is moving forward quickly, with the job postings for the new Senior Human Resources Partner and Finance Manager already posted. This week the Iowa State unit structure will be announced, and next week the position descriptions for additional finance and human resources positions will be posted on the ISD website.

Staff who may be interested in applying for a new finance or human resources position can learn more details and ask questions at an information event in early January. The date will be announced via email before the university holidays, and details will be promoted throughout campus after the holidays. Staff who are unsure about whether or not to join an ISD team are encouraged to attend to better understand the new roles within ISD and what responsibilities will remain local. After the event, staff who currently have finance or human resources responsibilities will receive an email which provides an opportunity via survey to indicate interest in one or more position. Please note that to be considered for any of the new positions you must fill out a survey, indicating your interest.

Iowa State’s Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) partnered with University Human Resources and ISU Finance to develop a unique transition plan, with special focus on minimizing the disruption of services and providing a fair, transparent process for transitioning staff. In fact, hiring policies are currently under revision to ensure roles are filled quickly and fairly.

As stated in many ISD events to date, Iowa State would like to fill the new roles with as many internally qualified individuals as possible.

“It is our goal to fill the positions created in the Finance and HR models with our current employees because we have exceptionally talented staff who are integral to the university’s success,” said Kristi Darr, Interim Vice President of University Human Resources. “Among the guiding principles of Improved Service Delivery are to provide staff with career paths and opportunities for professional development and improved job satisfaction. While we certainly understand the concern and anxiety during this time of change and transition, we want staff to know that we care about them and we are committed to helping them be successful here at Iowa State.”

After employees are selected for the new positions, a transition team will meet with departments and programs to assess the best way to transition employees through training and into their new positions, with minimal disruption. The transition team will also meet with department chairs to develop plans to carry out remaining departmental functions in an effective and efficient manner.

Campus feedback has informed every step of this process and will continue to do so. Iowa State is committed to a collaborative and transparent process. Please continue to submit comments and questions through the online form.