IELT Super Group submits report to President Wintersteen

CATEGORIES: Announcements

The Institutional Effectiveness Leadership Team Super Group thanks you very much for continued involvement as they consider approaches for Improved Service Delivery (ISD) at Iowa State University. Engagement – attending town halls, campus committee meetings, and small group discussions; and providing hundreds of thoughtful comments, questions, and suggestions – is appreciated.

It is clear that while campus is not opposed to change, more detailed information is needed and collaborative engagement must continue to gain strong support for ISD. Additionally, the Institutional Effectiveness Leadership Team (IELT) and Super Group have developed a better understanding of the necessary ISD actions to ensure a successful Workday go live on July 1, 2019.

The IELT Super Group is submitting its report today (November 14) to President Wintersteen, asking that she endorse:

  • Proceeding in incremental phases and continuing robust communication and campus outreach. This report captures Phase 1 and includes actions for Phase 2.
  • Moving forward with the two critical features of the proposed Human Resources and Finance models that are required to continue making timely progress with Workday:
    • Create specialist roles to perform Human Resources and certain Finance functions.
    • Establish a solid line reporting relationship between HR specialists and the VP for HR, and Finance specialists and the SVP for Finance and University Services.

You can read IELT Super Group’s full report here. You can also access it through the Improved Service Delivery info page.

The IELT Super Group looks forward to President Wintersteen’s response for how campus should move forward, and will continue to count on your collaboration throughout this process. Please continue to submit your questions and comments through the online form.