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Preview changes in absence management (managing time off)

Author: Amy Juhnke

Over the last several months, Inside Iowa State published updates on WorkCyte, Iowa State University’s transition to an integrated system of improvements.

Faculty and staff can get a preview now of one of the changes – the process of managing time off – by attending a workshop Sept. 27.

A college Project Implementation Team (PIT) Crew was initiated to coordinate the implementation of WorkCyte in LAS. The LAS Pit Crew will communicate and implement unit-specific changes.

The LAS Pit Crew includes:

  • Arne Hallam, Associate Dean – Pit Crew Chief
  • Stacy Kilstofte, Human Resources Business Partner – Human Capital Management subject matter expert
  • Venita Currie, Fiscal Officer – Finance Subject Matter Expert
  • Andrew Albinger, Information Technology Director – Technology Subject Matter Expert
  • Amy Juhnke, Communications Director
  • Mallory Hamilton, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Betsy Happe, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Kristin Doerder, Fiscal Coordinator
  • Katy Thorson, Fiscal Coordinator

The Pit Crew will share communications about the progress toward adoption of WorkDay in Around LAS, and Dean Schmittmann will share occasional updates via email. The Pit Crew will also provide updates on upcoming workshops.

Throughout the WorkCyte project implementation, faculty and staff can send questions to: