April 2: New phased retirement program application due

CATEGORIES: Announcements

Earlier this year, the state Board of Regents approved a new one- and two-year phased retirement program effective for five years, ending June 30, 2022. This new program provides applicants a reduced appointment for a period not to exceed two (2) years in length nor more than 65% in year one and 50% in year two. During phasing, both University and employee contributions will continue for employee elected benefits at the same levels that would have prevailed had the employee continued at full-time employment.

LAS is pleased to support this program by accepting faculty and staff applications through April 02, 2018 for the first wave of phased retirement ending on or before June 30, 2020. Interested employees should engage in a conversation with their department chair to discuss LAS guidelines for application consideration; as the college has established approval parameters specific to faculty and staff candidates.

Additional information about the approved phased retirement plan and application forms can be found by visiting the University’s benefits page or by reaching out to Stacy Kilstofte in the college’s human resources office at stacyk@iastate.edu or x7744.