LAS online education rises up to meet student demand

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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) is committed to meeting the demands of students across the university with flexible and accessible education. In the summer of 2016, LAS responded to those demands by expanding its online opportunities with Discover Summer Online (DSO) and was met with great success. Summer enrollment for LAS Online has grown by approximately 50% since the DSO program went live. It has been very popular with students who are eager to continue earning credits over the summer while they are away from campus, working, interning, or returning home.

Given the first two years of success and positive feedback from both departments and students, LAS has committed to making DSO an annual program as well as continue expansion of its online efforts. LAS has created LAS Online, a purposeful collection of online offerings and programs for both on-campus and distance students. These hand-picked online offerings are a convenient way for students to fulfill general education requirements and supplement their education.

LAS Online can open many doors for students across campus and at a distance; from taking individual online courses to picking up a minor or completing a bachelor degree. Even though there has been a big focus on summer, spring is actually the semester with the largest volume of LAS Online credits earned at about 40% of the year’s online total.

LAS Online credits earned have more than doubled in the three years since FY 14 as students across campus are taking advantage of the convenience and flexibility the broad range of courses provides. Visit our new site for details on our current online courses and programs and news about emerging online programs in LAS:

  • Discover Summer Online (DSO)
  • Discover Flexibility Year Round
  • Discover Your Minor Online
  • Discover Your BLS Online

About Liberal Arts & Sciences Online

Liberal Arts and Sciences Online has supported the development and delivery of online courses for nearly ten years. Originally called Center for Distance and Online Learning (CDOL) and located in Carver Hall, then later re-located to Howe Hall. LAS Online is committed to serving LAS faculty and students across the University to provide a valuable online experience. Our instructional designers and support specialists and student services specialists are available to instructors and students who are teaching and taking LAS online courses.