Dec. 1: Donate to the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP)

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An illustration of the campanile at night with the night sky and constellations in the background. One student is on either side of the campanile, one of whom is looking through a telescope.

Support undergraduate women in physics and astronomy!

Iowa State University is excited to sponsor the Midwest APS Undergraduate Women in Physics Conference in January 2018. Over 180 women from throughout the Midwest will converge in Ames to network with peers and established scientists, build their job and leadership skills, present their own research and learn what it takes to succeed directly from women who have already established themselves in physics and related fields.

While the conference already has support from a variety of sources, fund-raising efforts are crucial to make it possible for all interested women to attend. To ensure access, all expenses for the participants, including housing, meals and registration, are covered, which carries a pretty substantial cost. Your donation will go a long way to support the crucial goal of bridging the existing gap in participation of women in Physics and STEM. Any amount will help!

For more information, visit the crowdfunding or conference websites.