LAS Career Services wins partner award

CATEGORIES: Announcements

The LAS Career Services team was selected as the recipient of the Iowa State University 2017 Learning Communities Partner award. The award, overseen by The Learning Communities Curriculum and Faculty Development Committee, honors a department or office that has partnered with and supported learning community initiatives at Iowa State University.

The team was nominated for the award based on their exemplary contributions to the Math and Statistics Learning Community. The learning community recently developed a careers lab, designed for first-year students, focusing on early professional development and barriers that could be faced in the work world. LAS Career Services not only helped with the planning of the lab, but also actively participated to make it a success.

Dawn Walker Chalmers, coordinator of the learning community, cites numerous efforts above and beyond career services’ normal operations that contributed to the success, including establishing connections with potential employers and accompanying Dawn and the students on a future employer visit in Minnesota.

In her nomination, Dawn states, "…What they did for the Math and Stat Learning Community was done during lunch breaks, after hours, and any free time they could find."

The award will be presented at a May 8, 2017 Learning Communities Institute event on campus.