Critical Engagements with Economic Thought website launches

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In 2013, William Carter, assistant professor of German studies, convened a Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities (CEAH) Research Cluster on “Debt: Crisis, Risk, Inequality.” Faculty members from anthropology, art history, history, philosophy, and world languages and cultures contributed to this group. With an interdisciplinary approach to this important topic, Kate Padgett Walsh (philosophy) and Carter organized a symposium on the “Ethics of Debt” in September 2015.

Padgett Walsh and Carter subsequently co-edited a special issue of "Finance and Society" on the subject. While attending the Intersections of Finance and Society conference in London last November, Carter determined that scholars and artists interested in economic thought (past, present, and future) and its societal impact would benefit from a website that could serve as a hub for them to share their work more widely. With the support of CEAH, Carter recently launched the “Critical Engagements with Economic Thought” website, which features Iowa State faculty and a growing list of international contributors as well as projects, news, events, and resources. CEAH hopes to develop future Research Clusters based on this model.

A March 23 reception will celebrate the launch.