Strategic plan update

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The LAS strategic plan subcommittees were finalized and given their charge from Dean Schmittmann. Subcommittees will develop specific objectives and performance metrics for their defined goals, and they will continue to work throughout the end of the year. The subcommittees will meet biweekly for the following two months.

The steering committee received excellent feedback during the public forums and online surveys. The feedback was given to the steering committee and subcommittees to help inform their work. Drafts of the subcommitte reports will be available for public comment in January 2017.

Membership of the subcommittees by area of focus follow:

LAS role in general education Chair: Tom Holme, Chemistry (faculty) Kim Ferguson, Statistics/Psychology (undergraduate student) Jane Jacobson, LAS (staff) Elgin Johnston, Mathematics (faculty) Amber Manning-Ouellette, Leadership Studies (faculty) Stacey Weber-Feve, World Languages and Cultures (faculty)

LAS role for our majors Chair: Carolyn Cutrona, Psychology (faculty) Samik Basu, Computer Science (faculty) K.L. Cook, English (faculty) Kathy Houseman, LAS (staff) Tracy Lucht, Greenlee School (faculty) Aimee Rodin, Mathematics (undergraduate student) Alex Tuckness, Political Science (faculty)

LAS role in research Chair: Peter Orazem, Economics (faculty) Levi Baber, LAS (staff) Jan Lauren Boyles, Greenlee School LAS (faculty) Carol Chapelle, English (faculty) Soeren Prell, Physics and Astronomy (faculty) Bill Simpkins, Geological and Atmospheric Sciences (faculty) Emily Smith, Chemistry (faculty) Junmarie Soto-Burgos, GDCB, (graduate student)

LAS broader impact role Chair: Chad Gasta, World Languages and Cultures (faculty) Ethan Dial, Military Science (faculty) Ruxandra Looft, World Languages and Cultures (staff) Julia Neely, Greenlee School (undergraduate student) Ann Oberhauser, Women’s and Gender Studies (faculty) Javier Vela, Chemistry (faculty)

Milestones are listed on the strategic planning process page.