LAS Curriculum: Final 2017-18 Catalog edits due Nov. 1

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LASCC Website The LAS Curriculum Committee maintains a webpage of helpful information, deadlines, and links to central university resources for curriculum.

Catalog Updates If you come across an issue in the current catalog that needs attention (curriculum overview, four-year plan, inconsistencies with degree audit, etc.), please alert your department’s / programs’ curriculum committee.

2017-18 Catalog Preparation Course-level updates for the 2017-18 Catalog took place during Spring 2016. This fall the narrative/mastheads will be updated. This includes information such as program overviews, majors, minors, and four-year plans. The 2017-18 Catalog will be published approximately February 1, 2017. • Preferred date for submitting narrative edits: October 15, 2016 • Final LAS deadline for submitting narrative edits: November 1, 2016

Experimental Course Process and Deadlines All proposals must be submitted electronically through CIM-X. See the LASCC website for guidance. For guaranteed review before registration period, Experimental Course Proposals should be ready for the LASCC by these dates: • Spring Course Offerings – September 30 (After September 30, proposals will be reviewed as time allows, in the order they are received.) • Summer and Fall Course Offerings – February 15 (After February 15, proposals will be reviewed as time allows, in the order they are received.)

Questions regarding preparation of experimental course proposals may be directed to Stephanie Hamilton (4-6471) or the LASCC Cluster Area Approver for your designator.