Make your voice heard! “Rock the Vote” bus makes it easy to register

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Rock the Vote is kicking off a voter registration bus tour through key battleground states across the country. The bus tour will include visits to the following college campuses:

· University of Denver, Denver, Colo. (9/27 – National Voter Registration Day) · Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa (9/29) · University of Wisconsin – Madison, Madison, Wis. (10/3) · University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Ill. (10/5) · The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio (10/6)

On the tour, Rock the Vote will be joined by various nonprofit and corporate partners, student groups and local grassroots organizations helping to register young voters ahead of their states’ upcoming deadlines.

The Rock the Vote bus and tent will be parked on west circle of the Memorial Union (Maintenance Shop entrance) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The main goal is to make sure students are registered to vote and inform them of the voting process. There will be tablets and printing docks. Students will be able to access the computers to ensure they are registered, register and print voter registration cards.

"This year, the youth generation has the potential to be the largest, most diverse voting bloc in our country’s history —but we all need be registered for us to exercise this political strength,” Rock the Vote President Carolyn DeWitt said. “Young people are passionate about the issues that impact our lives and want a future that is reflective of our values — a future that is fair and just for all. Rock the Vote is excited to hit the road and visit college campuses, coordinate with student groups and work with local organizations to do what we’ve always done: educate and register young people to make sure their voices are heard in November.”

As the largest and most diverse generation in American history, Millennials have the opportunity to determine the nation’s next president — as they did in 2008 and 2012 — as well as local, state and congressional races across the country. Throughout this year’s primaries and caucuses, young people were actively involved in the election, helping to elevate key issues, such as college affordability, environmental protection and criminal justice reform, in the national debate. In a recent Rock the Vote/USA Today poll, 90 percent of young people ages 18-34 confirmed that they were following the 2016 election, with 72 percent saying they were likely to vote in the general election.

Through November, Rock the Vote will continue to work with corporate, nonprofit and celebrity partners to increase Millennial voter registration and support young people across the country as they make their voices heard at the ballot box.

About Rock the Vote: Rock the Vote is the largest nonpartisan, nonprofit organization in the country driving the youth vote to the polls. Since 1990, Rock the Vote has fused pop culture, music, art and technology to fulfill its mission of building long-term youth political power. During the past six Presidential elections, Rock the Vote ran the largest voter registration drives for young people and has partnered with more than 25,000 partners through its online, multi-lingual voter registration tool. Rock the Vote is dedicated to mobilizing the vote, protecting voting rights and advocating for an electoral process and voting system that works for the Millennial generation, America’s largest and most diverse population in history. To get Rock the Vote updates on upcoming events, election reminders and candidate, visit Engage on social media, by following Rock the Vote on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @rockthevote.