Feeling Fall Semester

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It’s weird to think the end of summer is quickly approaching. An even stranger thought is how excited I am for classes to start. Seeing campus relatively quiet for the last 13 weeks has been a fun experience but I’m definitely ready to see it come to life with students again. This summer Iowa State has been home to the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals, the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference, and countless Pokémon Go players but nothing compares to the sight of 36,001 Cyclones making their way to class across our beautiful campus. Here are just  few things that make me excited about fall semester.

Football Nothing else says Fall like a whole day spent out at Jack Trice Stadium. Classes beginning just means we’re that much closer to September 3rd’s kick off against UNI in Jack Trice. The energy of the student section is one that cannot be replaced. This will be nice because during the summer, people think it’s weird when I take off my shoe, shake my keys and scream CYCLONE POWER. 

The Fountain of Four Seasons got a face lift this summer

Construction In Iowa we like to say construction has its own season and that’s definitely true for Iowa State’s campus. Iowa State likes to take advantage of its decreased student population and make several campus improvements over the summer. I’ve got to see the development of the area around the Fountain of Four Seasons, the widening of several sidewalks, and the construction of buildings. It will be cool to see all of these campus improvements put to use this fall.

Class Even though we’re supposed to dread going back to class, it will be nice getting back into a routine. Since I’m reaching the home stretch of my degree program, I get to take classes that I’m extremely interested in. Even better, I get to learn about fascinating subjects from some of my favorite professors. Meeting people in these classes who share similar interests will be an additional bonus.

It’s hard to believe I took this picture of an empty Panda line at 12:30 on a Wednesday

Food Ah Food, everybody’s favorite subject. Campus dining options that weren’t available in the summer are going to be in full swing when everybody is back on campus (hello Convos and other late night bundies). ISU Dining is also making some changes to Clyde’s which will be interesting to see. Don’t get me wrong it was nice going right to the front of the Panda line but more food options never hurt anybody.

Friends Some the best things about Iowa State are the people that you meet when you’re here. I can’t wait to hear all about my friends’ exciting internships and study abroad experiences. After hearing about all of their summer memories, I’m excited to create more memories this fall. With clubs, lectures, concerts, and other activities coming back in full swing when the semester begins, there won’t be a shortage of things to do and there will be a lot of people to do them with.

There are so many things to be excited about for next week. Right now, it’s time for me to focus on Destination Iowa State and getting over 6,000 new students pumped and prepared to join us all on this adventure!

Posted by: Jaleel Chandler