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ISU students initiated into Phi Beta Kappa


Seventy-nine students from Iowa State University were initiated into Phi Beta Kappa at a ceremony on May 1, 2016. Phi Beta Kappa, founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious honorary society. It recognizes students for outstanding academic achievement in a broad curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences.

Phi Beta Kappa has more than 240 chapters in institutions of higher learning. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University was granted its chapter charter in 1973.

Election to Phi Beta Kappa is by invitation. The United Chapters recognizes three classes of members: members in course, alumni, and honorary members. However, Zeta Chapter of Iowa (ISU) elects members in course (undergraduates) and honorary members only. LAS associate dean Amy Slagell was inducted as an honorary member.

In February each year, eligible students are invited to membership, based on their records at the end of the fall semester. The number who may be invited is limited by national bylaws, so not all students who meet the minimum requirements can be invited. Students who meet the criteria for membership by graduation, but not earlier, are included in the following year’s invitation.

This year the following initiates received named awards in Phi Beta Kappa, Zeta Chapter of Iowa:

Jean Day Lassila Award for Excellence in the Liberal Arts and Sciences: Kyle John Cassaidy
Barbara Mack Award: Blake C. Heimann
Edward Allen Award in the Mathematical Disciplines: Alexander Maxwell
Jerry Shakeshaft Memorial Fund Award: Connor Benjamin Haugen
Ruth and Clayton Swenson Award in the Sciences: Kacie Marie Struve

Congratulations to the 2016 initiates:
Brian Autry
Austyn Beese
Kyle Cassaidy
Matthew Cook
Abby Crimmins
Ashley De Haan
Alexander Donelson
Mackenzie Doyle
Taylor Finn
Adam Hammes
Theodore Hartman
Connor Haugen
Blake Heimann
Andrew Lipp
Alexander Maxwell
Sara Mayer
Mariah McGuire
Erik Schaeffer
Seth Selken
Melanie Stoss
Kacie Struve
Mengyu Wang
Ashley Young
Madison Arnold
Nicole Baker
Kieran Bowe
Carly Crist
Jennifer Deckard
Spencer Dodd
Nick Doss
Delanie Downey
Breanna Elscott
Allison Engwall
Megan Escherich
Barbara Forney
Lisa Friesth
Shannon Goes
Lauren Greif
Jennifer Gribble
Jeffrey Gustafson
Kylie Haggerty
Robert Hein
Mackenzie Jahn
Nicholas Jensen
Carly Johansen
Iman Kashmola
Samantha Keast
Lauren Lain
Maria Larrazabal
Elizabeth Lennartson
Szumei Leow
Alex Luehm
Belinda Mahama
Amanda Malin
Brenden Maxwell
Stephanie McGrew
Jeramie Mitchell
Jazelli Mueterthies
Chelsea Nicoletto
Kaitlyn Ouverson
John Pacer
Kathlina Roat
Matthew Roberts
Britteny Ross
Madison Sauer
Samuel Shelton
Danielle Sitzman
Kristen Syvertsen
Denis Tamiev
Breana Van Beek
Nora Walker
Caitlin Ward
Nicholas Whitehead
Natalie Whitis
Flora Yen