Mansbach publishes two foreign policy books

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Richard Mansbach, professor of political science, has authored two new foreign policy books, recently published by Sage Publishing.

Contemporary American Foreign Policy: Influences, Challenges, and Opportunities examines today’s most pressing foreign policy challenges from the perspectives of the United States and other countries, exploring human rights, climate change, poverty, nuclear arms proliferation, and economic collapse through perspectives that transcend the lens of national interest.

Challenges for America in the Middle East scrutinizes the policy dilemmas for the United States posed by radical Islam, the Arab Spring, the Shia Crescent, and Israel-Palestine relations, using both historical perspective and the contemporary context. The book also emphasizes how American policy in the Middle East is affected by the interconnection of foreign and domestic issues in the United States and in other countries.

Mansbach collaborated on the two works with Kirsten Taylor of Berry College and is the author of numerous other books on global politics.