Final farewell to Iowa State

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I hate that this day had to finally come. The day where I would say ‘so long’ to the place where I have met life long friends, where I have continued my education, and where I was taken on an adventure from the first time I set foot in the Helser parking lot to the last time when I crossed the stage and received my diploma. It seems like yesterday I was meeting my brother floor with my fellow dorm-mates. Now I am having a hard time deciding on how I want to decorate my graduation cap.

Orchesis I Dance Company

Iowa State has provided me with some of my most cherished memories. I will always remember walking around on one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation. Even if that meant trudging through inches of snow and blustery winds. It was all worth it. I am going to miss walking through central campus and hearing the campanile chime every hour or when I hear a familiar song being played at noon. This university provided me more than an education. It provided me the best four years of my life where I learned so much interesting information from religion to geology to dance. Nothing can top the knowledge that has filled my brain since being here. There is something that changes when you are a senior and you start noticing things more and more around campus. You begin to appreciate the little things you seemed to miss such as how friendly the campus squirrels are. I’m never going to forget wanting to see the albino squirrel on my way to a test because I knew he was good luck, or avoiding the zodiac at all costs in the Memorial Union because it was a bad omen to cross it. With Iowa State, it gave me an adventure I will not soon forget.

The lovely LAS Ambassadors supporting our lovely college

I’m going to miss it here. This beautiful campus has given me so many things and I just have to thank it for that. For those of you who want a university that will not only touch your mind, you need to come to Iowa State because it will also touch your heart. This place will forever be near and dear to my heart and I will always be a Cyclone. Loyal, forever, true they always say. I’m glad I chose my adventure at Iowa State.

Posted by: Brittany Miller