5 Things Every ISU Senior Should Know

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Graduation is only eight days away. And there are a few things that every senior should know before they walk across the stage and head off into the world. 

Don’t let your fears about graduation overshadow how much fun you had here at ISU!
  1. ISU will always be your alma mater. You can change your friends and you can change your clothes, but you can’t change where you earn your degree. Iowa State University and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will always be a part of your resume and you a part of you! 

2. You made a difference here. You led a group. You gave good advice. You asked pointed questions in class. You built something, started something or left something behind. Someone at ISU looks up to you. And your time at ISU made the university a better place. 

Even your worst days at ISU weren’t that bad because this campus is beautiful, rain or shine!

3. Everything will be FINE. With only eight days left in the semester, you’re trying to juggle student life with real life. No one warned us that applying for jobs basically is a full-time job. Maybe you don’t know where you’ll be living or where you’ll be working. Look around you at the ”grownups” in your life, they’re doing OK aren’t they? You’re going to be OK too. 

4. Be proud of yourself. Now that we’ve established that you’re going to be OK, it’s time to get excited. Even if you don’t have job, an apartment or a plan, you just accomplished something that only 7 percent of humans in the world get to do, according to the Huffington Post, and that’s incredible. Don’t let your fears about the future overshadow the fact that you earned a degree from the best university on the planet.*

LAS Ambassadors was my favorite group to be apart of, it allowed me to meet people and share my love for my program with visitors.

5. You have a lot of people to thank. And so do I. Thank you to Kathy Houseman, Dan Rice, Dylan West, Selia Schneider, Lisa Munger Oakes, Katy Cran, Bruce Allen, DeAnna Marguglio, Taren Crow, Melinda Howard, Tammy Blakeley, all of the LAS Ambassadors, all of the Greek Community Ambassadors, my Alpha Delta Pi sisters, my Association for Women in Communications community and every other person at Iowa State University, especially those in the LAS College, who have helped me succeed.

Posted by: Sarah Curran