Student leadership positions open within KURE 88.5FM

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KURE’s Board of Directors is in need of student leaders to fill open positions for this upcoming year.

Because involvement and leadership roles are important when searching for an internship or career, by investing your time into an exciting student-run organization (that hosts various unique, musical events and concerts) you are free to make any Board position into something larger-than-life, which will come in handy when it’s time to interview with a professional.

In any of the following positions, you will be required to attend weekly meetings and be willing to volunteer your time and efforts, as none of these are paid positions.

Here’s a brief description of our available positions with links to each individual application:

External Music Director : External Music Director keeps in contact with promoters, and gets fun new music into the station. They also run Music Review Committee with the Internal Music Director, and chart our tracks on CMJ (College Music Journal). KURE Live Director: This position is in charge of the KURE Live committee, who reaches out to bands touring in the area, and asks them to do a live session with us. The Live Director, interviews the bands. Marketing Director: Do you want more people to listen to KURE? Do you want more people to go to KURE’s events? Social media, flyers, and more are all part of this job. You’ll be working closely with our graphic designer, AND heading your own committee of marketing minions to help you out. You also head the Otto Bot committee, which is where our station’s rebranding brainstorm sessions happen. Events Director: Terrace Tuesdays, staff socials, KURE Fest and every other KURE associated event falls under this position. Events Director plans and coordinates for every KURE event. Making sure everything is good to go and runs smoothly. Public Relations Director: You know those lovely PSA’s we read? That is the main responsibility of this position. As PR Director, you’ll be in contact with ISU organizations/clubs, and creating PSA’s to support their club/events. It’s really what makes KURE such a great support to clubs at ISU. Also, you’ll be making/sending out the annual alumni newsletter. KURE Fest Director: KURE Fest is the two-day FREE concert that we put on during the fall. It began as a small event, but now we attract over 400 people to this two-day event. Last year we were headlined by Com Truise and Dan Deacon. Who will be on our lineup for this year? Apply for KURE Fest director, and this will be your decision. News Director: Last, but certainly not least: News. As News Director, you will be contributing to a new, but extremely important limb of KURE. Not only will you be overseeing the news segments and their content, but also all KURE talk shows. There is a lot of wiggle room in this position, and the world is your oyster.

For more information, visit or contact us via Facebook.