Registering for Classes

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As each new semester approaches, the time begins where every student feels the pressure of being another step closer to graduation. Whether it be freshman who have so many classes left to take, or seniors who have more flexibility for fun classes in their schedule.

But how do you know which classes go where? When you register? Or if you have all of the graduation requirements? The next six tips on registering for classes will help you successfully and "de-stressfully" achieve the best schedule for you:

 Talk with your adviser -- Talking with your adviser is essential for any student who wants to graduate on time, and with all of the necessary credits. Whether it's meeting with them face to face or emailing back and forth, an adviser will help answer any relevant questions and will help you read your degree audit. During these conversations, you can typically set up a four year plan or layout of how you want your years at Iowa State University to look. Your adviser also helps you receive your RAN (random access number), which allows you to log in and register for classes. Without this number, you will not be able to gain access at the time of your registration, so this communication with your adviser is very important.

 Ask your peers and friends for popular professors and courses-- After completing your layout of your four year plan, ask around and see if your friends have taken any of your required courses, or if they have recommendations. This is a great way to get a feel for what professors may teach you best, what books are necessary, and if certain courses should be taken prior to or during the duration of other courses.
A list of classes on access plus.

Make a schedule, and a back-up — Once you have discussed with peers and friends, it’s time to make a "mock" schedule. This schedule can be made using the ISU course planner: On this mock schedule you can arrange your classes at times that work for you, however it’s good to make a backup "mock" schedule in case certain times don’t work out.

Register on time -- Since you have talked with your adviser and gained knowledge of your RAN, you can now register. Your registration time and date will be located on Access Plus under the Current Student Info tab. It's important to be ready to register at the exact time of your registration, this way you have a better chance of getting into your best schedule.
A student making sure her schedule is accurate.

Recheck your schedule and degree audit– Although your classes are registered, it’s good to recheck your schedule to make sure you are on your way to fulfilling your degree requirements. If you were unable to get into a class you needed, rechecking can also help you stumble upon added sections of your classes and it allows for you to maybe get in them, if a student has dropped.

 Enjoy yourself -- Lastly, enjoy yourself. Whether you are graduating from Iowa State, or you are moving one step closer to the end of your college years, enjoy the classes you are taking and the free time. Make sure you are choosing not only required classes but leaving room for ones you will thoroughly like as well.

Posted by: Amanda Holloway