Happy Endings Bring New Beginnings

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As we say goodbye to many of the senior bloggers this semester, The College of Liberal Arts And Sciences is excited to welcome six new bloggers to the team! Each ambassador is excited to be sharing their experiences here at Iowa State and sharing some important information on the college life. Here is just a little bit of information on each of the new bloggers!

Amanda Holloway (left): Class: Sophomore Major: Public Relations and Communication Studies Fun Fact: She has never broken a bone in her lifetime!

Kacey Konrad (right): Class: Sophomore Major: Psychology and Criminal Justice Fun Fact: Kacey is willing to try any food offered (such as pig intestines, quail eggs, etc.)!


Sydney McLaughlin (left): Class: Sophomore Major: English Fun Fact: She enjoys singing in her free time!

Haley Beckner (right): Class: Freshmen Major: Criminal Justice and Child, Adult, and Family Services Fun Fact: I have a puppy named clifford who is my sidekick!

Jaleel Chandler (left): Class: Sophomore Major: French and Political Science as well as minoring in Statistics Fun Fact: Jaleel won Best Laugh in high school!

Jake Neerland (not pictured): Class: Sophomore Major: Public Relations (plans to achieve a specialized minor) Fun fact: Jake used to competitively play video games in high school!

We love being Ambassadors for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and can’t wait to be part of the blog team and to see what the future at ISU will hold!

Posted by: Haley Beckner