Greek Week

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When I was a senior in high school I visited Iowa State more than once (especially once I knew that I was going to attend because I just couldn’t stay away!) I came to campus to get the feel of being a college student, to find my way around, and to visit friends. But I am very glad I visited Iowa State during Greek Week because that was one huge factor for why I decided to go through formal recruitment to join a sorority during the fall semester of my freshman year. I was able to see the Greek Community participating in fun events that I could see myself wanting to get involved in.

One of the olympics that students take part in is "larping."

Greek Week is an annual event that lasts the entire week and is full of fun activities like volleyball, karaoke, and tournaments. Different Greek houses are paired with each other and compete to be the winners in various categories. Pairings also participate in community service during the week and have the opportunity to raise money for Special Olympics by doing the “Polar Bear Plunge.”

Each Greek Week different pairings have their own themes for banners and for the Lip Sync competition that occurs at the end of the week. There are certain aspects that have to be consistent in each lip sync performance like a sound or saying. Overall, the message usually ends up being something demonstrating that even though these competitions are fun, we are all Greek together and it really is a good community to be a part of while at Iowa State.

My fiancé came to watch the Greek Olympics and helped me cheer for my pairing!

I have been involved each year in some way or another, through attending events and cheering my pairing on, participating in the events myself, or being in the Lip Sync competition. My favorites were when I participated in Greek Olympics and in Lip Sync. For the Greek Olympics, I was in a bed racing competition where I was in a bed on wheels that was raced around Greekland others in our pairing.

Lip Sync was also very fun because we had been practicing dance moves to popular songs since January and I was ready to show the world that our hard work had paid off! Many of my friends who aren’t in Greek houses still love to come and watch the tournaments and Olympics with me! It is a great opportunity to have fun with any students, Greek or not!

Getting to participate in Greek Week is only one of the reasons why students might want to consider joining the Greek Community at Iowa State. It is just one of the ways that students could choose to spend their adventure while here!

Posted by: Selia Schneider