Spring Break 2016

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It’s that time of the year again. College students are about to stash their textbooks, book their flights, pack their bags, or call mom and dad and tell them that they are coming home for a week. Spring break 2016 is a time for students to be carefree for a week, oly having to worry about what their next adventure for the day will be. Some decide to make it an adventure and travel to a warm, exotic location such as Mexico where they can absorb that ever so desired vitamin D. For some, it may be a road trip with their closest friends to Colorado where they can ski or snowboard down fresh-powdery snow. And for some who just want to spend some time back home with their loved ones, they venture back to their stomping grounds and relax with their families.

Students here at Iowa State have been putting in countless hours in their studies with homework, extra curricular activities, studying, and writing papers that it’s time to relax. Students need to take some times for themselves before the remainder of their semester tries to crush them under the responsibilities of a college student. If you are a student who has been saving up all their tips from waiting tables, keeping the money from in between the couch cushions, or keeping all your loose change in a jar with a label for your dream spring break location on it, you have probably planned a dream getaway for you and your friends. For those students who do not have the funds to make your spring break what you want it to be, that’s fine too. You can always go home, hang out with your parents, call up some old high school friends and spend time with them. Or if that is not the route that you want to go, there is always the option of going home with a roommate to their hometown which you may have never been to and experience a whole new town altogether.

Spring break means different things to different students. It can either mean traveling to a location where the sand peeks between your toes and the sun tans your skin, or where snow and adrenaline accompany you down a mountainside, or where spending time with your loved ones at home can mean everything in the world to you. It’s your week to do whatever you want, when you want. So take this week to adventure away from the first half of the semester and let yourself relax.

Posted by: Brittany Miller