Exploring your adventure through Open Option

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Act I: Family Reunion

Set the Scene: You are at your annual family reunion. Everyone is reuniting and catching up. You are about to start your journey at Iowa State but have yet to really pick what you want to study for the next four years of life. Suddenly…

Aunt: What are you going to major in at Iowa State?

All eyes turn to look at you. What do you do?

You: I am going into the Open Option Program at Iowa State to explore my options and really narrow down what I want to study!

Beginning a new adventure is great! Especially when you know you are keeping your options open.

Act II: Explaining Open Option to Family

Set the Scene: You just told your whole family you are going into the Open Option Program at Iowa State and got confused looks back. To help, you decide to explain what all the Open Option Program has to offer.

You: The Open Option Program is a convenient way for students to explore their interests instead of jumping from major to major. Students get to take required general education courses that interest them to help find the perfect major.

Grandma: Well how on earth do you know what classes to take? This sure sounds overwhelming. Does anyone help you through the process?

You: Of course Grandma! Students have an Open Option Advisor that helps guide them through the exploration process. They help make sure basic graduation requirements are met through taking courses that will help narrow down interests. The Open Option Advisor ensures students make progress towards their degree before even selecting a major.

Uncle: Do you have plans on how you are going to pay for school since you will be there longer than four years? I doubt you will graduate in four years if you go in without declaring a major.

You: Actually, I won’t need to worry about staying longer than the normal four years! Most students still graduate within four years even if they come in not knowing what they want to major in. The trick is taking classes that meet general education requirements AND that help me figure out what to major in! I won’t have to stay longer just because I wasn’t able to decide right away. Most students decide on what they want to major in before their third semester so I will still be on track to graduate in four years!

After hearing about how wonderful the Open Option Program is, your family goes back to enjoying the festivities. You feel confident knowing you are making the right decision by entering the Open Option Program. You are interested in a few majors but just need a little time to find the right fit. Later in the night your cousin, who is a year younger than you, walks up and asks to know more about the Open Option Program. Delighted to help your family, you show your cousin the website that explains everything about the open option program.

Posted by: Lauren Walker