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As the mid-point of the semester approaches, I decided to ask my friends in the Liberal Arts and Sciences College, “what’s your favorite class this semester, so far?”

“I have two favorite classes this semester, French 320 France Today and French 476 French Civilization Seminar. Both classes complement each other well and are taught by the same amazing professor. Learning about how historical events continue to impact our current lives is very interesting and necessary for a full appreciation of any language and culture!” – Jaleel, World Languages and Cultures (LAS Ambassador).

This is the Language Studies Resource Center (LSRC); a place where people in language classes often hang out to see current events from foreign news outlets and use different multimedia equipment. Keri is soaking up the sun, and some history knowledge, during her last semester at ISU.

“History 361 because I love history, especially WWII to the present. It’s been a fun class to take during my last semester at ISU." -Keri Ives, Public Relations

History was a common favorite among my LAS friends! If you’re ever in need of a 400 level class or history class, Sarah and Colton suggest History 403!

“I am in HIST 403: Roman Civilization with David Hollander. This class engages me into learning in depth about the Roman Civilization from the early Republic though the fall of the Empire. Its more than just learning the political and military history of Rome, but also learning more social history including class structure, gender roles, and religion. Professor Hollander makes it exciting in lectures by including his photos from his visits to Italy over the years, and he is also very engaging on his lectures making the course fun for anyone, not just history majors.”  -Colton Gray, History

“History 403, Roman Civilizations with Hollander. This semester I decided to step outside my usual classes and take a history class! My professor’s enthusiasm and knowledge makes me wish I’d taken one sooner. I took the class in order to be ready for my trip Italy this summer and I definitely will be and, as an added bonus, will be able to rival my archeologist brother with awesome fun facts.” – Sarah Ramundt, Journalism and Mass Communication

Kate studies criminal justice, which just became a fully independent major!

“My favorite class this semester is Plants and People 355 taught by Dr. Rob Wallace. While many people feel completely uninterested toward the plant kingdom, this class directly highlights the huge impact that plants have on our species. It’s rare that I see people leave this class without a smile on their face!” – Robbe Verhofste, Biology

“My favorite class this semester is CJST 340 with Monic Behnken. I love learning about crazy criminal cases and learning how to analyze a case and the reasoning behind it!” – Kate Brockschink, Criminal Justice

“Sociology 348! Getting to learn more about the world and how positive changes can be made to create better living situations for everyone has been fascinating.” – Thomas Woodruff, Communication Studies

Outside of history class, Nathan likes to volunteer with Dance Marathon, just like LAS Ambassador Kenzie!

“I am currently enrolled in JLMC 341, Contemporary Magazine Publishing with Debra Gibson, and I love learning about the current magazine industry, understanding the cultural and political influences of magazines, and listening to all of the wonderful ISU alumni guest speakers discuss how they are incorporating what they learned during school into their awesome post-grad jobs!” – Brooke Almasi, Public Relations

“My favorite class this semester is American Military History. I love learning about how the military developed just as America’s new democratic government did. Lectures are always fun and engaging, and I look forward to class everyday!” – Nathan Pattee, History

“Psych 460. It’s Abnormal Psychology, we discuss mental disorders in an open and positive way. This class helps to take the stigma off of mental illness, and focuses on ways to help and sympathize with these individuals.” – Charlie Raike, Psychology

What is your favorite class so far?

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