Automate your job or internship search!

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There are over 1,000 jobs and internships currently posted on CyHire for LAS students! Be sure to log into your account at

You will want to check CyHire frequently, but you do have the ability to have CyHire email the jobs or internships you’re interested in straight to your inbox.

How? In your CyHire account under All Jobs, click "Advanced Search." Create an advanced search by selecting your major (plus any related majors) and the position type. You may also want to select "Yes" under Include only selected major. Click "Search." If this gets you the results you’re looking for, click "Saved Search." Title the search, select how often you would like to receive an email (daily, every other day, or weekly are recommended), and choose whether you would like all results or only the new results in each email. Click "Save."