Taking Advantage of Tuition

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Beyer is located across from State Gym.

“It is now time to view your Access Plus account” says the University-wide email we receive every few months. We then dutifully look, pay, and continue on attending our labs, lectures, and research seminars. Our tuition bill includes much more than classroom fees, which is obvious, but what students may not take advantage of while at Iowa State is the unlimited access to State, Lied, Beyer, and Forker Gyms, and most importantly, the group fitness classes included in that access.

Ask your parents how much they pay for a basic gym membership. Then ask how much extra they pay to attend yoga, pilates, cardio, and strength classes; not to mention both recreational and lap pool access. The Iowa State Recreation Department features all these perks as part of student’s tuition; a luxury begging to be taken advantage of while adventuring at Iowa State.

Group fitness classes are offered as early as 5:10 a.m. and end as late as 9 p.m. There are the basics of Strength Training, Boot Camp, Cycling, Yoga or Kettle Bell which mix cardo and muscle work in high-energy atmospheres. Less traditional but extremely fun classes include Zumba, Kickboxing, Hip Hop, Aquacise and Jump Fitness. It is these classes I encourage students to bring a friend and engage in a social activity that involves more than just junk food and Netflix. Check out the schedule here.

Josh Andersen modeling the correct use of equipment.

I tried out Functional Strength for the first time last week in my effort to attend every type of class at least once. Located in Beyer 2420 (which I previously did not know existed) the room features TRX ropes, a small rock wall, tires, sandbags, monkey bars and those huge ropes you see Under Armour athletes shaking up and down. “Functional Fitness is supposed to mimic strength movements we might experience in real life,” said Josh Andersen, my instructor for the night and temporary equipment model. As such, I hauled sandbags across the room, pushed tires along the floor, and hoisted extra weight up and down steps.

For those hard-core fitness fanatics I recommend this class as a way to mix up your routine and make parts of your body sore you didn’t know existed. However for students just foraying into fitness classes, the less traditional ones listed above get your body moving while focusing on having fun. Either way these dozens of classes make working out interesting and as a graduating Senior I am realizing how precious these free and multiple workout options are. Use this opportunity while you can!

Posted by: Nicole Suchsland