Ambassador abroad!

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The day has finally come. The day I have been looking forward to ever since I took my plane back to America after I was only abroad for a week back my senior year of high school for an exchange program in Barcelona.

First, I will be heading back to Barcelona for 10 days to stay with my host family from high school. Then, I begin my semester long stay with another host family in Cáceres, Spain, about an hour and a half away from Madrid with a population of about 90 thousand. I will be studying at University of Extremadura taking 12 credits with 31 other Iowa State students on the program!

Now let’s flash backward about a week ago when I began the packing process. I sat in front of my suitcase praying I would not go over 50 pounds while also staring aimlessly into my closet. I had no idea what/how to pack. No clue. The weather in Spain as of now is an amazing 55 degrees and getting warmer and warmer. Amen for that, because I am so happy to not have to barely survive another Iowa winter.

Some background about Spain that is important to note: The food is amazing, and Spain’s main dish is paella which is a rice dish with vegetables and meat or seafood! In each part of Spain, they have their traditional dishes, but the Spaniards also love pan con tomato (bread with tomato on top) and tortilla Española which is basically an omelet in America. In Spain, they also eat dinner at about 10 or 11 p.m.! This will be the biggest change, because here I eat at about 5:30 p.m. so wish me and my stomach good luck! The culture, I know will be different and I am ecstatic to experience change and a new environment! I am excited to finally use my Spanish with native speakers and make new friends while I’m at it. I know Iowa State has prepared me well for this incredible experience that I am about to endure. I cannot wait to put all that I have learned to use, and learn more! After saying goodbye to my favorite campus and favorite people, it is now time to start my adventure abroad. Adios amigos! See you in España.

Posted by: Paige Zardzin