Online option opens doors

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Some students soar through them. Some students frantically add them. Some students even discover a second major through them.

All students can benefit from a class in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) Summer Online.

The contribution of LAS is impressive – every Iowa State major requires LAS classes. Record-high student enrollment and the expanding responsibility to provide critical courses created a sizable need that the college is meeting through the new online program.

Summer Online is an enhanced offering of online courses that students can take over the summer in 2016 – whether they are in Melbourne, Iowa or Melbourne, Australia. Courses were selected based on demand and the potential for delivering benefits such as helping students: Stay on track to graduate in four years or sooner than currently planned Alleviate heavy future semester schedules Make room in schedules for other courses Recover from a dropped or failed course Ease concerns over transferring summer credits from other institutions

New online courses satisfy LAS requirements that all ISU students need: Mathematics World Languages Social Sciences U.S. Diversity Natural Sciences International Perspectives Humanities Communication

The course list will be finalized in February, but students and advisers are encouraged to explore some options now.