Welcome back!

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As 2016 begins and the spring semester starts, I am excited to see what is in store. Students are returning from winter break and starting up classes rejuvenated and rested. As for the Ambassadors of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we get to train 12-15 new ambassadors in the next few weeks and show them the ropes. It’s always a fun time having fresh faces join the team.

Even though it currently is only 12 degrees outside, we are lucky to get to start new classes where our professors warmly welcome us and teach us about the subjects they have a passion for. Now is also an excellent opportunity to get more involved in clubs or activities if that is something that we are interested in.

A few big events coming up are ClubFest and some career fairs. ClubFest is on Wednesday, January 20th, from 11am-4pm in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union. Go to this to check if there is a new club or organization that you have been missing out on that might catch your interest for this semester. The People to People Spring Career Fair (hosted by the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Human Sciences) will be on February 10th from 1-5pm. It is an intelligent idea for someone to attend a career fair put on by a different college, too, because LAS students might be happily surprised to find a dream company or internship at one of the other career fairs! The other fairs going on around the same time are the Agriculture and Life Sciences Career Day, the Engineering Career Fair, the Business, Industry and Technology Career Fair, as well as the Design Career fair. For information on the dates and locations of all of the career fairs visit the ISU Career Services career fairs page.

Spring semester is also exciting because future Cyclones are visiting campus to see if this could be their home for their college adventure! It’s a busy time for the College of LAS because there will be plenty of daily visits, Experience Iowa State visits, presentations about Open Option for students who are not sure what their major will be yet, and much more. With all of these activities and wonderful resources, I have no doubt that this semester can and will be one of the best Iowa State has seen yet!

Posted by: Selia Schneider