Turning a new page for the Student Blog

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The LAS Student Blog is only about one year old, and was originally dreamed up by Dylan West, one of the previous LAS Ambassador Supervisors. The original intent was to add some student voices to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ website. Last year, Jane Morrison, a graduate of the College of LAS, did an excellent job at pioneering blogging and targeting prospective students.

Now, if you visit the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences page on Iowa State’s website, it is hard to not find the student blog! This past semester, I was able to take on the role of coordinating the blog and a team of wonderfully talented bloggers who needed very little direction. Our blog has covered topics that are important for both current students as well as prospective high school students.

My goal for this blog in the coming year is that we can continue providing interesting topics that both inform and entertain our target audiences. Another original intent of this blog was to give students practice for blogging with their own voice, but for something professional. What is better than getting to blog about our lives and experiences at a place we love?

LAS student ambassadors.

I am excited to see the bloggers take ownership of their writing and share their blogs as well as their friends’ blogs on social media. We are planning exciting new topics for spring semester and I cannot wait to share them! For example, Paige, one of our LAS Ambassadors, will be studying abroad this semester and will be blogging from abroad! I am excited to not only highlight her experience but also share about similar opportunities that the College of LAS offers abroad!

Posted by: Selia Schneider